Friday, June 11, 2010

Download Safari 5

Apple has released Safari 5 out into the wild. I've just downloaded and tried and I'm already liking it. I'll tell you just one feature that I like and then you can head off to the Apple website to read more and download it and try it out.

The Reader strips out all the stuff around the sides and gives you the article..JUST the article. No ads, no flashing banners, nothing, just simple text.

Check it out, here is a New York Times article as you would normally see it:

To view this article in 'reader mode' just look up in the right side of the address bar for the 'reader' button:

Click it to turn it on:

Now here is the same article in 'Reader mode':

Now go to the Apple website for more information and to download it and try it out yourself:

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  1. A few additional tips:

    Reopen last open tab: Command Z

    Turn on Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar: Go to Safari / Preferences / Advanced / Tick "Show Develop menu in menu bar".

    Enable Extensions: Develop / Enable Extensions

    Get RSS instead of Reader in the address bar: In previous editions of Safari there was an RSS icon in the right side of the address field where "Reader" is currently located. You could click on that RSS icon to see and subscribe to the site’s feed. Safari 5 replaced that with the "Reader" button. To get to a page’s RSS feed instead of the Reader view, click and hold the mouse over the Reader icon; a menu will appear giving you a Show RSS option.