Friday, June 25, 2010

MSN, GoogleTalk and other IMs on the Mac

A follower on Twitter recently asked about using MSN on the Mac:

@maxweaver MSN for Mac v. 8 seems to be seriously buggy - any recommendations for an alternative program?

I suggested to Kel to try Adium as it is what I use to access MSN.  Adium is a third-party client for connecting to a whole range of Instant Messenger services.  Not only can you use it with MSN, but also AOL, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MySpace IM and more, even Apple's MobileMe.

From the Adium wiki:

Adium is a free and open source instant messaging application for  Mac OS X, written using Mac OS X's Cocoa API, released under the  GNU GPL and developed by the Adium team. Based on the libpurple protocol library, Adium can connect you to any number of messaging accounts on any combination of supported messaging services (see further down for the list) and then chat with other people using those services.

Note: We do not host any IM services ourselves. Adium is a third-party client for connecting to services run by other people (mostly companies).

 Click on the little green guy to download and install Adium now.

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