Sunday, February 28, 2010

Changing a Mac Icon

How do you change icons on the Mac?

Sometimes you might want something more interesting than those blue folders to look at. Or you might want to change the icon of an Application. You can change the icons fairly easily, but first you need to find an icon you like. Icon packages can be downloaded for free from places such as Icon Finder or Icon Factory.

Once you have found an icon that you like, right-click and choose "Get Info" (or click on the icon and then use the keyboard shortcut: Command-i).
(note the icon becomes highlighted when selected)

The 'Get Info' pane comes up you can then select the icon that appears in the top left of that pane by clicking on it and then right-click, copy (or use the keyboard shortcut: Command-c).

Now go to the folder you want to change the icon of and select it by clicking on it, right-click and choose "Get Info" (or Command-i), and then right-click and paste (or Command-v) to replace the current icon.

Now you have a new icon for that boring folder, or Application.

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