Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Closing a Program

In Windows when you close a program by clicking on the x at the top
right corner of the screen it shuts down that program. This is not
the case on the Mac. When you click on the dot on the top left corner
of an open program it seems to have closed the program...but it
hasn't. Instead it has closed that window but the program is still
running. Look down on your dock, see the little glowing dot under the
program's icon? That shows us that it is still running.
This means that if you want to open it again it opens fast. But what
if you really want to close the program to free up some memory for
other tasks? Here are some ways to close it:
1. Right-click on the icon, chose "quit".
2. If the program is the one that is currently being used, press the
Command & Q keys.
3. Command & Tab to bring up the list of programs that are currently
running. While holding down Command, keep hitting Tab until the
program you want to close is selected. Then, still with the Command
key held down, hit the Q key.

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