Monday, March 8, 2010

Command & Conquer with Command Tab

If you have a few programs open at once and you want to move from one program to the other, a really useful way of doing this is with the 'Command Tab' keyboard shortcut.

Lets say you have open three programs: Mail, Safari, and Skype. You are typing an email but you want to check a web page for information. You can simply hold down the Command key, and then tap the Tab key,while still holding down the Command key. Each tap of the Tab key will move the highlighter to the next program.

So in this case you are in your mail, you hit Command and Tab and then Skype is selected, you tap Tab again and then Safari is selected then as soon as you let go of the Command key the program that is highlighted is brought to the front for you to access.

Don't forget the 'Command H' keyboard shortcut to hide any programs to get them out of the way.

Have a play around with it and you'll soon get the hang of it.

Command and Tab is really powerful when used in conjunction with 'Command H' and 'Command Q'.

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